Bring Your Own Device - BYOD

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Consumerization is quickly transforming business and IT models. Employees are bringing their mobile devices to work and demanding the same experience with their enterprise networks as they have with their personal apps. Companies must remain flexible while maintaining control of mobile connections to their corporate systems and securing interactions from around the globe.


Tim Tech Consults service value

Boost productivity, protect your data (BYOD security policies), reduce cost and simplify IT Service Management with BYOD. Our fully managed end-to-end solution facilitates virtualization, mobility management, data sharing, collaboration, secure cloud networking and remote support - across any mobile platform - scaled and deployed with effective security policies, full process compliance and rigorous controls.


Why Tim Tech Consults

Expertise Specialization in key technologies, best-of-breed tools and proven experience in delivering Infrastructure Virtualization, VDI and Cloud.
Global Reach Advanced delivery capabilities through on site, Low Cost Domestic, Nearshore and Offshore delivery throughout the Africa, Europe & Asia.
Strong Quality Focus Aligned with ITIL best practices and Optimizing processes based on Six Sigma quality models.
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