Right-Value Model

Right-Value Model

Timetech characteristic approach has six key components that we believe essential to any successful client relationship, project or engagement. The six key aspects are as follows:

We believe in establishing an environment that is value, results and efficiency-driven as well as a culture that rewards action-oriented behaviors.

Good governance requires identifying key business performance indicators through Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) principles, a clear change management strategy and a baseline processes to create predictable performance in accordance with Six Sigma, CMMi or ITIL guidelines. Timetech automates processes and measures via digital dashboards, which yield relevant business performance metrics and continuous improvement.

One must have the right number of people with the right mix of skills. At Timetech , we do not believe in simply re-badging or relocating people as a first approach. First, we identify the client’s business objectives, and then we build an optimal-sized team with the right skill mix built either through re-badging or re-locating.

Labor arbitrage is a strong tool for cost reduction, yet often a recipe for failure.  We believe that team allocation should be determined by performance, regulation, geopolitical and risk mitigation factors rather than solely the location of labor. Our onsite, onshore, Nearshore and offshore capabilities allows us to make optimal work-allocation recommendations.

Outsourcing contracts typically provide initial costs savings, which erode in time as scope expands and costs rise. Timetech approach optimizes outcomes and ensures operational health throughout the engagement lifecycle.

We believe quality must be evaluated based on business performance. Our quality assurance metrics ensure that performance is measured by service level agreements, lean Six-Sigma processes and your bottom line.

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