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User Experience (UX)

Your competitors are no longer limited to a few players in your geographic region - your competition is now global, and new brands emerge every day. It has become imperative for you to develop a User Experience program that enables your company to stand out from the rest.


Tim Tech Consults service value

Tim Tech Consults UX services deliver innovative ways to interact with your global customers who connect from any device. The UX approach can be applied at every stage of the Application Development Life Cycle. As a result, your organization can provide dynamic digital experiences, fully integrated into your business strategy.

You can impact customer attraction, engagement and retention, while increasing productivity, optimizing operations and innovate using cutting edge technology and rich UX interfaces.

Our talented professionals can build powerful user experiences - across both internal and external IT applications - using a wide variety of technologies such as:

  Rich UX web interfaces, with built-in responsive design. We use the latest industry standard practices to deliver our solutions.
  PHP, which in many ways is the best web technology for Content Management. We use the most popular and secure frameworks available, such as WordPress, Drupal and others that meet your requirements.
  Adobe Experience Manager, the latest development in Content Management systems. We have certified engineers who can provide services on this new platform.
  To stay on the cutting edge our professionals go through a process of continual training in the technologies our customers need.
  We implement site tracking, usage statistics, search engine optimization, cookie management, W3 Compliance, testing frameworks, and state-of-the-art third-party and support technologies to enhance the services we offer and comply with current standards and expectations.
  Mobile-enabled: We develop all our solutions for mobile devices so  our customers' websites comply with web usability standards and Google's latest algorithm update.

Why Tim Tech Consults

Expertise Experienced professionals specialized in User Experience, Websites, Mobility and Wearables across multiple industries.
Global Reach Our global presence including Africa, Europe, and Asia allows for true global delivery, enabling a comprehensive coverage for ongoing service support for your offices and websites around the world.
Local Consumer Knowledge  Think global, act local. Our talent, strategically located in 15 cities around the globe, provides the consumer knowledge to develop local programs, while meeting your global imperatives.
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