Software Development

Software Development

Your business depends on a suite of software, processes, and applications specialized to meet your specific business goals and objectives. With today’s increasing speed of technology innovation and tighter turnaround times, solutions need to be planned, designed, developed and implemented at blazing speeds. Our experts are trained to deliver fast and intuitive results in a way that blends flawlessly with your organization, without disturbing your current processes.


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We have created a systematic approach based on best practices derived from our 23 years of experience in application development, technology frameworks expertise, process digitization, SLA framework, and alignment to Six Sigma & CMMI compliance.

We analyze your overall requirements and balance it flexibly with your needs, deadlines and available resources to recommend one of the following:

  1. Waterfall method: This traditional approach follows a specific and methodical plan. We create an comprehensive blueprint of available resources, the goals we want to achieve and the steps we'll take to get there. For our customers who know exactly what metrics they want to meet and the objectives they want to achieve, this is a great option.
  2. Agile methodologies: This process is best for our clients who have a great business goal in mind, but don’t know exactly what that end goal looks like just yet. Agile methodologies provide us with a framework for collaboration and flexibility, so that the end goal is moldable and becomes more clearly defined as the process continues. For organizations looking to achieve a goal but still need to define what the end result will ultimately look like, this may be the best approach.

Our team is highly trained in both approaches and can help your organization find the best process to achieve your development goals through a very specific and tailored approach matched to your organization and its unique situation.


Why TimTech

Cost-out, innovation-in ideology Through time-tested and proven methodologies, we use a process-driven approach to reduce unnecessary costs and reallocate resources to drive innovation and lead necessary changes to modernize and improve your critical operations.
Lean and time-tested operations When working with our clients, we don’t view ourselves as a preferred provider, but rather as an extension of your team.  We offer an integrated service that provides quick, effective, and optimized results for your business needs. 
Proximity Our Nearshore model allows us to work when you do. With similar business hours, low language barriers, and close physical location, we are available to work with you when you need us, without causing any disruptions to your current business practices.
Americas focus For over 30 years, we have focused heavily on the Americas. From Canada to Argentina, our experts are able to facilitate your transactions by offering country-level insights into the preferred business practices and cultural norms of each individual region.

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