Governance, Risk and Compliance Outsourcing

Governance, Risk and Compliance Outsourcing

Organizations are increasingly implementing effective Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) processes and platforms to manage evolving regulations and a growing range of risks. They're making quicker and more informed risk-based decisions to integrate new technologies, processes, and vendors so as to leverage the value of these integrations without increasing their risk exposure.


Tim Tech service value

Tim Tech’s GRC services enable organizations to define and benchmark their current GRC implementation efforts, and create and execute a maturity-based strategic plan that incorporates people, process and technology. Our services are aligned with your strategic business objectives and focus on mitigating risk, increasing compliance, strengthening your security posture and optimizing investments.

Tim Tech’s GRC solutions enable organizations not only to mitigate risk and ensure compliance, but also to drive business value and profitability. An integrated GRC model contributes to :

  • Cost savings
  • Increased Transparency
  • Resiliency in staffing changes and attrition
  • Definition of IT Security policies and controls
  • Visibility and control of Enterprise risks
  • Faster business decision making
  • Freed up strategic resources so you can focus on strategic initiatives


Why Tim Tech Consults

Industry Knowledge and Experience Over the last 10 years Tim Tech has participated in the solution of Global Fortune 500 and Conglomerate GRC challenges.
Well balanced business and technology acumen Clients and partners recognize Tim Tech’s balanced mix between business and technology acumen which eases communication with working with cross functional teams.
Process oriented Tim Tech’s strong process oriented heritage enables to speed up our client’s process definition and documentation which are the foundation of a GRC program
Automation & Digitalization Many organizations focus only in the definition and implementation of a GRC program, but they do not consider the effort and time consumed in the operation and maintenance, Tim Tech’s consultants programming skills enable clients to automate and digitize whenever possible manual tasks reducing the time and effort.
Lean six sigma & Process Improvement Each year Tim Tech performs process improvement initiatives thru Six-Sigma methodologies that generate savings to our customers by optimizing operational activities, freeing up resources for strategic initiatives.

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