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In today's digital economy, organizations must continuously innovate and transform their business to stay competitive. The pressure is on to rapidly adopt new technologies and reduce the time to market of products with a short life span, while increasing productivity and keeping costs under control.


Tim Tech Consults service value

Through engineering excellence, agility and a customer-centered mindset, Tim Tech Embedded Services (Embedded Software Engineering & Embedded Software Development) help companies to develop intelligent products and solutions, securely inter-connected and successfully integrated into their organization’s ecosystem.

From a single processor to a complex system on chip (SoC), such as Face and Movement Recognition, Remote Sensing, Pilotless devices, etc., Tim Tech-to-end solutions (E2ES) are designed using emerging technologies, while leveraging our professional’s expertise in several industries such as Automotive, Telecom Networks, Smart Devices, Industrial Systems and Consumer Electronics.

Tim Tech Consults Embedded Solutions, cover the entire R&D cycle, including.

  1. New Product Development
  2. Proof of Concept
  3. Product Support
  4. Tailored Product Development
  5. Product Verification & Validation and Digital Hardware Design

Embedded Software Engineering & Embedded Software Development

Why Tim Tech Consults

Agility Strong expertise in methodologies like Kanban, and in frameworks such as Scrum, XP, FDD and DSDM, helps our Internet of Things team (IoT team)  to quickly and creatively respond to customer request.
Seamless Systems Integration Our integration experts have extensive experience working with Fortune 50 clients on systems integration implementations. We have developed a time-tested and mature approach to integrate innovative and existing systems through a quick, efficient, and cost-effective methodology.
Proven App Security Experience  With more than 7 years of experience delivering Information Security services, Tim Tech's holistic program protects web connected applications, through specialized resources, processes, and regulatory compliance metrics.
Proximity On site, Low Cost Domestic, Nearshore and Offshore delivery throughout the Americas, Europe & Africa. These capabilities enable a highly collaborative interaction with our clients in engineering services.
Talent and Expertise Our professionals have deep knowledge across several industries, complemented by expertise in adopting new/emerging technologies.
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