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  • Business Analytics Services
  • Mind the Offshore GAP
  • The Process of Creating
  • Procument Consulting Services
  • Quality Assurance & Validation Service
  • Tim Tech Consults's SAP ERP Solution for Professioanl Services
  • Rapid Development Solution for SAP HAN
  • Tim Tech Consults Testing Centre of Excellence
  • Tool for Risk Analysis & Compliance
  • Simplify Your Workday
  • Creating Value through the entire SAP lifecycle


  • Agile Testing Services
  • Application Development
  • Business Analytics Services
  • Near Shore Procurement Services
  • Enabling Innovation in the Digital era
  • Financial Crime Prevention Consulting Services
  • Information Security for Financial Services
  • IT information Security
  • IT Risk Consulting Services
  • IT Transformation Consulting Services
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Consulting Services
  • Mind the offshore GAP
  • Mobile Validation Services
  • Business Applications Maximixed
  • Hospitality Industry


  • Addressing the IT Digital GAP in the Restaurant Industry
  • Addressing the IT Digital Gap in the Restaurant Industry
  • Enabling the Digital Customer Experience in Retail Industry
  • Contract Lifecyle Management
  • Digitized Governance
  • Cloud - Based Customer Management
  • Smart Buy Procurement Sourcing
  • Tim Tech Consults Industrial IOT with GE Digital
  • Business Process As A Service
  • Business Process As A Service
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