Industrial Internet of Things

Industrial Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is disrupting every industry through the creation of new business models, changing the way organizations interact with customers and transforming how value is perceived. Industrial data is growing at a rate two times faster than that of any other sector, yet only a fraction of it is being leveraged in a meaningful way. To remain competitive, every industrial company will need to extract insight from operational data and turn it into actionable outcomes.


Tim Tech service value

Tim Tech has partnered with GE Digital to enable digital industrial business outcomes that matter. Together, using GE’s digital industrial software solutions and Tim Tech’s value-added services, we bring together brilliant machines, advanced analytics, and people to drive real-time connectivity and data intelligence through a digital thread.


GE Digital

Brilliant Manufacturing: GE’s Brilliant Manufacturing suite provides critical manufacturing analytics for production efficiency, execution and optimization - transforming operations.
Predix: GE’s cloud-based platform-as-a-service empowers organizations to develop, deploy, and operate industrial apps in the cloud by securely connecting machines and data to people — driving outcomes ranging from the reduction of unplanned downtime, to improved asset output and operational efficiency.


Why Tim Tech Consults?

Seamless Systems Integration Our integration experts have extensive experience working with GE’s Brilliant Manufacturing suite and the Predix Platform. We have developed a time-tested and mature approach to integrate innovative and existing systems through a quick, efficient, and cost-effective methodology.
Proven IT & OT Security Tim Tech’s security team has the expertise needed to not only protect industrial IT control systems, but also the operational technology (OT) -- the hardware and software that monitors and controls machines and connects them to people.
Industry Expertise Our professionals have deep knowledge across several industries, but have unique focus delivering GE Digital software and services to Discreet Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, and Automotive companies.

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