IT Transformation Consulting

IT Transformation Consulting

The world is changing. Businesses are facing digital disruptions prompting IT organizational transformation in order to deal with fast-moving competitors or to capitalize on new digital opportunities. To prepare for rapidly changing market conditions, individuals, processes and technology systems need to become more agile, flexible, innovative, and responsive, while minimizing disruptions and risks to current business and technology operations.

So how do you architect an IT organization that is efficient, reliable and resilient, yet agile, flexible, and innovative? By innovating how you deliver global IT services, creating a new IT operational model.

TimTech service value

TimTech IT Transformation Consulting Service addresses all aspects of IT transformation, from strategy through execution, offering clients a new way of thinking about and delivering IT services that allows their organization to respond to change with grace. By establishing an iterative cadence of technological modernization, process standardization, and mindset changes in support of business agility, flexibility, and innovation, companies can eliminate organizational silos, reduce cost and cycle time, elevate quality, and sustainably increase adaptability and value.

Key areas of focus include:

  • Charting a transition roadmap that aligns your technology strategy, execution, and metrics to your business goals
  • Developing a lean IT management approach through maximizing the use of your IT resources
  • Increasing your IT value generation model by incorporating the latest technology trends

Why Tim Tech Consults


Proximity In today’s digital economy, collaboration is key. Our experts are primarily available during normal US business hours, with dedicated centers in multiple Nearshore locations, enabling a responsive engagement model that’s flexible, adaptable and responsive. Cultural proximity adds additional benefits of improved engagement with functional and business leaders
Americas focus For over 3 years, TimTech has focused extensively on the Americas region. From Canada to Argentina, we are familiar with the business and cultural approaches of business in each region, and can provide our clients with the country-level insights they need to be successful.
Compelling practical model At Tim tech, we have refined our strategy to understand your company’s ‘big picture,’ while still focusing on each individual detail. Our process and technology experts work to ensure that your IT transformation strategy is executable and implementable, underpinned with a strong business case, and results in a faster, leaner, and more streamlined operation.
Low risk acceleration Our business technology framework, methodologies and expertise result in much faster implementation roadmaps. Our process experience and certifications – CMMi L5, ISO, ITIL, Lean, Six Sigma – ensure mature and efficient results.
Transformation Expertise We have hundreds of experts trained in IT transformation methodologies, tools and processes with experience working with Fortune 50 clients. Our deep technology expertise, digital focus, agile culture, and software engineering background means we can help organizations thrive in the digital era without disruption and at optimal costs.
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