In December 2008, Tim Tech Consults was founded as a small IT services company in Japan. By 2010 Tim Tech Consults introduced the Nearshore services concept with the creation of its Global Delivery Center in Kampala, Uganda—the first of its kind in Africa. Though the company has grown steadily since its inception, fueled by a unique corporate culture, it has experienced a tremendous growth after CEO Musasizi Timothy Karubanga relocated to IT Virgin Africa. In 20011, Tim Tech acquired GE’s Global Development Center in DR Congo and greatly expanded its portfolio of applications and services by combining the capabilities of the two strongest Near Shore® players in Africa. Tim Tech Consults has grown into a global provider of IT and business process solutions with 12 associates across 3 offices in Africa.

In August 2018 Tim Tech acquired China based I.T. UNITED, expanding its capabilities to the Asian market. Tim Tech uses its trademarked Global Nearshore™ approach to work with clients to meet their needs at a local, regional, and global level through on-site work and 15 Global Delivery Centers. With several Fortune 50 clients, Tim Tech’s Nearshore Delivery Model has been proven to fill a gap left by Indian-centric IT providers, while bringing a robust experience and service delivery capability to its original home turf in Africa.

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